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    We all define success differently - so it makes sense that we would each have our own methods and processes for creating our strategies and the associated metrics to track our progress. Create a list of daily intentions that support your goal or strategy for success. Edit your list as often as necessary. Stretch yourself by adding something from our built-in library.
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    Measure & Track
    Rather than track results, we help you track your effort. At the end of the day, there are 2 options... make progress or make excuses. Often we find that the goal isn't the challenge...its the strategy that needs to be evaluated. Working with a professional coach can help you move through internal blocks that are keeping you from what you want most.
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    Whether you are looking to become less judgmental or be more deliberate about expressing gratitude for the things that are going well in your life... journaling can be an effective way to get more introspective.
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    Share as much data as you choose in a few short clicks! Coach Companion makes it easy to share and gives you great flexibility in choosing how much you share, if at all.
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Coach Companion has many options for helping you track progress toward achieving goals. 
  • After setting your daily intentions, rate your effort daily by choosing one of 5 emojies that best represents your effort on each intention.
  • Use the "Triggers" function to capture details around when, what and why you get hijacked emotionally and how you react when that happens. Use the data to spot patterns in your behavior.
  • Use the "Judgment Journal" to capture when you find yourself in judgment of self or others.  Understanding who and when you judge can help raise your awareness of how you show up.  Sharing this data with a coach might help you identify ways in which you can reduce the amount of judgment in your daily life and start realizing the benefits of doing so.
  • Use the "Gratitude Journal" to increase your awareness of the things for which you are grateful.  Often we focus on what isn't right and what we don't have.  Try expressing gratitude for the things  you may be taking for granted.
  • Use the "Purpose" feature to track your ability to live "on purpose" each day.  If you haven't yet established your life purpose, don't sweat it!  There is great benefit to figuring out your purpose.  Working with a professional coach might help you with this.

Set up your app in just a few easy steps

Create your INTENTIONS



Using the paid version of the app, share your choice of data
from any date range with a partner or coach that is helping to
hold you accountable.  Sharing with a coach prior to a paid session can help you get more out of your time together, and likely, help you and your coach spot patterns and blind spots sooner.
Create a list of your daily intentions (actions/to-do’s) that will help you reach your goal(s) or become your best self.  For a list of suggestions, see the built-in library.  Rate yourself daily by choosing one of the 5 emoji’s (ranging from “hero” to “zero”) that most closely depicts how much effort you put into it that day.  Rate each commitment separately.  You can even view your results in an easy to read chart from the dashboard on the home screen.  You can change, delete or add to this list at any time. Share your progress on social media or through text messaging functions. 
Create your account or log-in with Facebook.  Enter your coach's contact information and/or your accountability partner's contact information.


Enter your purpose

For those users who are clear on their purpose, enter it during set up and it will appear on your screen in that part of the app.  In one quick click each day, document whether you are living on purpose.

Our purpose should ideally define who we are.  Most often, it is
a reflection of our inherent talents and how we intend to use

When we stand in our power, we consciously choose to protect
what is most important.  Making good decisions allows us to
maintain that power.  When we behave in ways that are not in
alignment with our core values or purpose, it will create conflict
both internally and externally.  Coach Companion encourages
you to be more aware of your purpose and intentionally live
your life congruent with that purpose.

Set up your account; Enter your coach's contact info (optional); Set up your notifications

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I have been using the app for a few months now. I really feel more self-aware each time I update content with my daily actions – both good and bad. It only take a few minutes (my "me" time!). It makes me stop and think about my day and how I showed up to particular situations and what energy I took away. My favorite part is the ability to be accountable to my coach. The report is super helpful for when my coach and I connect. I’m able to reflect and look at things through a different lens during our conversations. I love this app.  
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