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Coach Companion
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  1. Intentions
    Set your own or choose from a library of options. Your daily intentions are the actions and behaviors you have determined are essential in reaching your goal(s). Manage your intentions and measure your effort in just a few clicks. Emoji based interface is quick and easy. Monitor your daily progress in the dashboard and spot trends as they emerge.
  2. Triggers
    Getting in front of what pushes our buttons is valuable information while working with a coach. Capturing the details around when, what and why you get hijacked (i.e. give away your power, react instead of respond, etc.) can help you spot trends and patterns. It can also help you have more productive sessions if you are working with a coach by providing this information in advance of your time together. Simply select your day, select the emoji that best describes how you felt and use the optional text field to capture any relevant details (who, what happened, how you responded, what you were thinking, how you felt).
  3. Judgment Journal
    Judgment Journal
    For those who wish to live a less-judgmental existence, use this journal to capture your activity around when you are in judgment of self or others. Understanding more about who and when you judge can help you with the introspective work that is useful in raising your consciousness and awareness of how you “show up”.
  4. Gratitude Journal
    Gratitude Journal
    Research suggests that there are many thereaputic benefits to documenting the things/situations/people for which or whom you are grateful. In the hustle of life, we often focus on the things or relationships we don’t have. Writing down just a few things per week - even the simplest things - forces us to be mindful of the good things in life we’d otherwise take for granted. If you really want to stretch yourself, express gratitude for someone you don’t particulary care for and see if you can find something to appreciate!
Well crafted goals are a reflection of what you truly want...
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The importance of setting goals is no secret.   
Well-crafted goals are a reflection of what you truly want. 
Making accountability easy can help propel you forward and keep you on track. Regardless of what we want for ourselves, many of us simply state our goals but fail to set deadlines and track our progress
towards achieving them.

Integrating your goals into your digital life is an easy way to
keep your goals top of mind and help keep you motivated. Having
the added ability to share your intentions (and progress toward them) with friends, family or professional coaches can significantly increase your chance of success while garnering support from
key stakeholders in your life.    

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Coach Companion

Set.  Track.  Share.  Get Results Faster!

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​ ​​What is Coach Companion? – an app that can bridge a much needed gap between you and your coach by delivering key metric information between sessions.  Designed to encourage (self-assigned) behaviors that can increase your likelihood
for success. The app also serves as an ongoing companion to post-contract clients or self-help users who want to
make meaningful and lasting changes by adding or eliminating specific habits or behaviors in their life.  

Who benefits?  There is equal value to the user and their coach when the app is used as intended.  Ideally, the user has worked with their coach (or independently) and identified behaviors and actions that they want to add, remove, increase, or decrease in their journey toward success.  The coach benefits by having valuable data ahead of sessions for the purpose of spotting trends and better understanding behavior and performance patters as they emerge.  As a result, sessions should be more productive as less time needs to be spent on recalling relevant past activity.  There is benefit to any user who finds value in self improvement.  When we care enough about something to measure our progress, there is a much higher likelihood that we will achieve our goals.  Coach Companion can benefit anyone wishing to make some change or improvement in their life.  The added benefit of journaling allows users to become even more introspective about how they show up in life and what they really want.

Why is accountability important?  Accountability is a significant factor for those who set and intend achieve their goals. 
Being accountable to something means that you’re willing to make commitments and be responsible for your actions. Accountability builds trust, promotes ownership and inspires confidence.  When used as intended, Coach Companion allows you to partner with a coach (friend, colleague, family member, etc.) and work with that partner to intensify your results and help you get there FASTER.

How is performance measured?  Performance is measured based on how users rate their effort against the daily commitments/habits/actions they have determined will bring them closer to their goal – whatever that might be.  This helps users stay focused more on the effort instead of the outcome.
Who should use the app?  The primary target for the app is anyone working with a professional coach to achieve sustainable, long term behavior changes.  Additionally, anyone who wishes to set goals and measure their progress, with the added element of choosing an accountability partner, is a candidate for this app.  If hired professional help is not in your budget at this time and you want to work with a friend, colleague or family member toward an important goal, this app is for you.

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Set.  Track.  Share.  Get Results Faster!

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Set.  Track.  Share.  Get Results Faster!

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