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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to share?
Do I need a coach to use the app?
Not at all!  Use privately to set and track goals without enabling the sharing feature.  You can share to your own email if you want to keep an electronic record of your results.
It is not necessary to partner with a coach.  You can partner with a friend, colleage, family member or trainer...or simply use independently without sharing any data.
How do I send a report?
Can I only use the features I want?
Great question.  Assuming you have the paid version of the app, you can access the "share report" feature from the dashboard by selecting any purple share icon or by going into the menu and selecting "share".  From there choose the current week, the current month or a custom range.  Then decide which components you want to share by selecting the appropriate boxes.  To complete the process, choose who you want to share with.  If you entered your coach or partner information during setup, it is as simple as checking the box...otherwise you will need to enter an email address at this time.
Absolutely!  Use only the features that work for you.  As life changes and your goals and situation changes with it, different features may appeal to you at different times.  Hopefully you will try all of the features at least once...there may be a powerful tool in your pocket that you just haven't yet considered! 
Can I edit my entries?
Yes.  All features allow you to edit/update and delete entries.  
For daily intentions, swipe left to delete.  For journal or trigger edits, revisit entry and make desired changes.
How does the rating system on Intentions work?
The app asks you to rate your effort toward the intentions you have established that will bring you closer to achieving your goal(s).  Choose the emoji that best represents your effort each day.  View your progress from the chart area of the dashboard.  App allows you to share your collective progress on social media or via text message.  When you share your chart, it does not include the details of your goals - only how you rate your progress toward them.  Let your friends know that your "killing it" without giving too much detail.
Can I use my talk to type function on my phone?
If your phone supports "talk to text" functionality, it should work inside this app.  This makes data entry even easier for those who are "on the go".
Can it benefit anyone?
Yes!  There is benefit to any user who finds value in self improvement.  It is often said that if you aim at nothing, you’re bound to hit it.  When we care enough about something to measure our progress, there is a much higher likelihood that we will achieve our goals.  Coach Companion can benefit anyone wishing to make some change or improvement in their life.  It is further beneficial to any user who wants a steady or occasional mechanism for journaling their life experiences.


UI updates.

UI updates.  Whoops, we weren't charging you for the in-app upgrade.

Inaugural launch.
COMING SOON:  We are currently working on improvements to this app.  
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